What's new at AfterTen Software

Here, as well at the Support Forums "Announcements" section, I'll try to detail the major things happening at AfterTen and the software.

WeatherMan 1.9.9 released

A bug fix release of WeatherMan has been posted. This release fixes some conditions and forecast issues with US cities. If you are having an issue with a US city please re-set up the city and see if it is fixed. If not please report your problem city on the support forum.

Also fixed is forecasts for non-US cities. The forecasts should simply work again without the need to set them again. But, please report any ongoing issues to the support board.

Finally I removed the "X" from the product name as I don't think it is necessary to differentiate it from the classic OS version of the program.

Web site is redesigned

I needed an easier way to update my website so I'm trashing the old design for one I can maintain using SandVox. This will make it easier for me to create and maintain some on-line documentation for the program that users are requesting (and rightfully so).

WeatherTracker is alive and kicking

A new year brings new commitment to bringing WeatherTracker out of beta. If there any bug reports for feature suggestions please join the support forums and fill out a report or request.

CIDTracker new version released

Some bugs reported by users were cleaned up. Version is now 1.2 (build 55). Also created a new icon for the program.

Future features include a menu bar component so the main window doesn't have to be displayed at all times.

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