Get the realtime weather out of your console and in into your computer then into the world.

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WeatherTracker started with a need to have more real-time weather data than the National Weather Service could provide me through WeatherMan.

My first weather station was the original Davis Vantage Pro since they released their communications specifications publicly so it was the easiest to program. My first version was created in October 2004 and it was in perpetual beta until January 2010 with updates sometimes coming fast and sometimes very slow.

I welcome all suggestions on what features need to be added to the program.

Dean - Help Me Get Started!

If you don't currently own a personal weather station but would like to get started and want some help sorting through the basics check out our "Getting Started Guide"

Features of Current Release: 1.5.8

  • Stations:
    • Davis Vantage Pro 1 & 2Vantage Vue and Davis Envoy weather stations
    • Davis Wizard and Monitor - These weather stations are still in beta and need to be completed.
    • Oregon Scientific WM918/WX200, WMR968, WMR88A, WMR100WMR200
    • LaCrosse 2300 series of weather stations. Also in beta as some features need to be completed.
    • Any weather station in Beta doesn't require registration they are free to use.
    • Supports all features of all weather stations including any extra sensors you can connect to your station.
  • Single window shows majority of weather station specific data (see screenshots below)
  • WeatherUnderground personal weather station upload including Rapid Fire mode.
  • CWOP Personal Weather Station upload.
  • PWS - Personal Weather Station upload.
  • WeatherBug BackyardPersonal Weather Station upload
  • Upload weather tagged HTML files and graphic file via FTP to your personal web site giving you weather updated web pages.
  • Send custom weather updates to your Twitter status.
  • AppleScript Support (Mac only, of course)


  • Registration is $40 USD - Davis Vantage Stations and Oregon Scientific stations.
  • Register using PayPal - No PayPal account required.
  • Free to try for 30 days.

If you have any question about WeatherTracker or any other product please email me direct.

Screen Shots (click to enlarge)

Vantage Pro Main ScreenWMR100 Main Screen
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