When a call comes in see the caller ID on any computer in your house. Get an email too.


There was a point in 2005 when it was important to me to know when someone called my house so I could call my answering machine and get the message. I created CIDTracker so when a call came in I could detect it with my Mac and email myself the details. Then I could call right when the message came in and I could stop checking every hour.

Remember, you need a modem that is caller ID capable attached to your Mac and that modem has to be dedicated to CIDTracker.

Features of current release v1.2.1 (build 1)

  • Can decode CID information from a modem attached to your Macintosh
  • Can receive CID info from CIDTrackerX operating in server mode on a networked computer
  • Can receive CID info from a networked computer running a Caller ID server supporting the Network Caller ID (NCID) protocol
  • Can receive CID info from CallerID Sentry or a program that supports that protocol like the ACID Program for the 3Com Audrey (which has a CID compatible modem built in).
  • Can receive CID info from a Yet Another Caller ID (YAC) compatible server.

Once CIDTrackerX receives Caller ID information it can forward the CID info to:

  • A networked computer that is running a client program supporting the NCID
  • A networked computer that is running a client program supporting the Caller ID Sentry protocol
  • Another copy of CIDTrackerX running on the network operating in either NCID or Caller ID Sentry client mode

Also, once CIDTrackerX receives the Caller ID information it can:

  • Show a list of received calls.
  • Run an AppleScript when any call comes in.
  • Run a specific AppleScript when an individual number comes in.
  • Send a customized E-Mail
  • Tell Growl to display a notification


  • Registration is $15 USD.
  • Register using PayPal - No PayPal account required.
  • Unregistered copies will display "Test" as the name and 555-1212 as the number 50% of the time a call comes in.

If you have any question about WeatherMan or any other product please use the support forums or email me direct.

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